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Leadership Development

Fulfilling your potential

Providing the critical foundational skills that enable you to become extraordinary leaders.

Engagement is established and customised for each team based on unique assessments. It accelerates trust-building and deep relationships with new and existing leadership teams. It's created to act as a catalyst for long-term transformation within your executive team.



An intentional, two-phase strategy to boost individual and group performance.



Board, CEO and C-Suite leaders can maximise potential by receiving executive coaching.



Create and nurture more leaders through bespoke programs that deliver results.



Leadership evaluations to examine the effectiveness of your executive and board.


Leadership development

Leadership development programmes and coaching services should align with your business’s ever-evolving requirements. Our specialised platform creates talent optimisation that satisfies your business’s needs.

 As a top executive coaching firm, we collaborate with your team to deliver:

  • Executive coaching
  • Team coaching and assessments
  • Leadership development workshops
  • Leadership and executive assessments

Our coaching services also differ from those offered by most corporate businesses. We work with you to develop a resilient organisation. An organisation led by tested executives who foster adaptable performance. That’s the formula for successful engagement in a world that’s getting more complex.

High team efficiency

Top Team Effectiveness is a two-phase strategy. It uses carefully selected sessions. These are tailored to your business’s requirements to boost individual and organisational performance.

Almost nothing within your business is more crucial than how dynamics change when the management team is disrupted. That’s whether your company hires someone new, lets a critical employee go or makes internal promotions. Any favourable or unfavourable change can alter leadership dynamics and affect culture.

With disruption to your executive leadership team, calibrating is essential. Formal assessments are critical to the success of transitions. Each team member can strengthen their leadership abilities. They can grow in a way that supports their personal development. That should extend to the team’s development.

This is possible through research-based executive evaluations. Evaluations that analyse individual strengths and a coaching engagement.

Team effectiveness

Individual evaluations and debriefing are the first part of the Top Team Effectiveness process. These are followed by customised coaching sessions that address your cultural dynamics in a team context.

Your teams must be self-sufficient, flexible, obedient and productive. They must constantly hone their results-delivery skills. They must also be intimately linked to other groups’ activities across your enterprise.

Our customised solution provides long-lasting change within your business. That’s in contrast to conventional executive team development programmes.

Top Team Effectiveness is a thorough, inside-out strategy for senior leaders. Empirical data supports it and produces the outcomes required to advance your team.

Overview: Team Effectiveness

  • Accelerates trust-building and deep relationships with new and existing leadership teams
  • Engagement is built and tailored for each team based on individual assessments
  • Designed as a catalyst for sustainable change in your executive team

Leadership coaching

Our international executive coaching practice provides a comprehensive range of expert services for:

  • Senior Management
  • CEOs
  • Board directors

Our coaches’ depth of expertise sets us apart from the competition. Plus, the variety and adaptability of our coaching programmes.

We’re uniquely positioned to meet your organisational leadership needs. That’s whether you’re a:

  • CEO looking for an experienced advisor
  • Senior executive looking for one-on-one coaching experience
  • Chief Human Resource Officer looking to design and implement a global coaching programme
  • Board looking at composition, succession planning or governance

Advice and leadership development

Good leaders can disturb the status quo. The catalyst is your leadership development programme.

We assist your company in developing a scalable, purpose-driven executive leadership culture. In business, there is a solution that works: excellent leadership.

Leaders who don’t innovate and adapt will be replaced by those who do. Companies that don’t push themselves by thinking and doing differently will lose out to those that do.

One can choose to develop. You don’t stop needing to learn and develop after becoming a leader. Great leaders never stop putting money into both them and their teams.

While emerging leaders guide advancing organisations, stagnant leaders rule stagnant organisations. Leaders who don’t grow personally and professionally will be replaced by those who do.


Our unique assessment process reveals core competencies and opportunities for advancement. Your people's skills and performances are the most significant factors in your business's success. Our leadership assessments help you recognise and maximise this capacity.

You must understand your most valuable resource – your people — before you can make a difference.

Benchmarking employee ability and performance against a normative peer sampling provides essential insights. These are insights into evaluating staff members’ capabilities.

We can aid you in gaining insightful information through:

  • A comprehensive selection of top-notch assessment tools
  • Assessment debriefs
  • Interpretation into actionable results

Our unique assessment process reveals core competencies and opportunities for advancement.

Your people’s skills and performances are the most significant factors in your business’s success. Our leadership assessments help you recognise and maximise this

Our assessment approach improves the performance of your executive management team. It empowers leaders to see opportunities and take decisive action based on accurate data and analytics.


Jefferson Locke is a people centric executive search and leadership development practice that places multi-talented disrupters that transform businesses and equips them to succeed.


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