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Organisational Design

Plot your brightest future

Organisation design is about building a springboard for future growth, and for unleashing your company’s full potential.

We work with local market and international businesses to help them define, implement, and manage organisational change and deliver effective growth strategies.


Find your way to better

When it comes to organisational design, our headline offering is relatively straightforward: we’ll help ensure your business structure is able to deliver against a range of strategic and performance-related targets.

The detail comes in the way our consultants operate. How they help identify the most effective ways for your cross-functional teams to work together, to share ideas and information, and to collectively strive toward common goals and objectives.


Practical steps

Start the journey with confidence

The typical process we follow for organisational design is to assess, recommend, and implement:

  • Assess: where we review your existing structure, and the way it aligns capabilities, people, accountabilities, and reporting structures
  • Recommend: where we ensure the structure adapts to business strategy, including interconnected elements such as IT, performance measures, and culture
  • Implement: where we formulate a new model that’s harmonised to your stated goals – which can be anything from cutting costs to managing a merger

Whatever your requirements, it always good to have access to experienced advice and guidance when making the big calls.


Prepare your talent for the future

During any re-structuring we never lose sight of the people dimension. That’s because while many business leaders are comfortable shaping a new organisation, they can struggle in bringing together the right people to make it work.

That’s why we’ll help assess existing skills, highlight areas of strength, weakness, and future investment. In addition, we can guide your focus when it comes to developing existing employees or bringing in fresh talent – and suggest practical steps for maintaining a vibrant culture and retaining the most important individuals.



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