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Executive Search


Whether you are hiring or considering your next step in your career, we are on hand for confidential advice and support to ensure that we fulfil your expectations both in the short and long term.

Find your perfect leader with Jefferson Locke. Managing your challenging Board, C-suite and Leadership recruitment with discretion.



Our experienced head hunters pair strong research capabilities with the support of bespoke technology as well as possess industry-specific knowledge and a vast network across multiple regions, ensuring a confidential executive search experience from beginning to end.



The boardroom is facing increased scrutiny with higher expectations for engagement, ethics, governance, and performance. Our corporate board recruiters specialize in board search services, leveraging their decades of expertise to find the right leader for your organisation.



Whether you are seeking an independent HR specialist, in-house talent acquisition partner or would like to have access to our internal HR support services and trainers, we can tailor a solution to fit your needs on a short, mid or long term basis.



For volume hires we can offer you access to our contingency teams over at The Jefferson Group, where we can create bespoke solutions that allow you to spread the cost and exposure on an annual subscription basis. Please contact us for more information.

How we find your next leader

Top-notch research capabilities and internal dedication combine to develop cutting-edge products and technologies. This results in deep, rich talent pipelines across all industries and regions for your business. And you get unrivalled speed and accuracy. Nothing about the service you receive is ‘industry standard’. Every important measurement category sits at the top in its field.

Also we won’t push you to an old-fashioned pricing model. A customised price structure with various engagement choices fits around your business.


Ensuring you're one step ahead

Few things can affect CEO leadership like an active, effective, knowledgeable board of directors.

To enhance your board, you get assistance in:

  • Identifying their needs
  • Resource alignment
  • Present-day leadership and governance
  • Future planning

Your leaders gain more freedom. They can integrate new talent and business strategies to enhance performance.

If you want to increase your board’s efficacy, efficiency and influence, let’s talk.

HR Support Services

Bespoke HR Outsourcing

As part of a service level agreement, Jefferson Locke can also offer a comprehensive range of outsourced HR services and HR recruitment support for small and medium sized businesses.

Working as business partners, we’ll provide a simple and tailored service that meets your exact HR needs across either the short or long term. In effect you’re investing in peace of mind: that experienced HR Specialist teams are working on your behalf to deliver a wide range of services that include:

  • Employment contracts
  • Staff handbooks
  • Employee on-boarding
  • Policies and procedures
  • Dismissals & exit strategies
  • Redundancies and TUPE
  • Maternity and discrimination
  • Tribunal Claims Management
  • HR Compliance


We specialise in executive and board leadership roles and have unparalleled access to tier-one executive and board level candidates and can connect you with relevant talent across various industries.

Advertising & Marketing

Professional Services

Consumer & Retail

Arts, Creative & Design

Sports & Entertainment

Financial Services

Healthcare & Pharma

Media & Publishing

Private Equity & Investment

Technology & Telco

Dedication to Diversity

Teams that are more diverse perform better. You need a business that's inclusive, equitable and diverse. Firstly, it's morally appropriate. Secondly, the variety of thoughts and perspectives result in better decision-making and outcomes. Diversity will enable your team to operate at a higher level.

You get a diverse and equitable search guarantee by:

  • Enabling anti-bias candidate review and evaluation processes
  • Utilising AI to eliminate prejudicial language about candidates
  • Continuously evaluating candidate pool diversity

This ensures you get executive talent from all groups, classes and backgrounds. Together, these skills assess your organisation’s most highly qualified, transformational people.

Our search consultants have the necessary infrastructure, network and worldwide reach. And we’re using those assets to further your goal of more equality at C-suite level.

If your business wants to diversify its leadership team, we can give you unmatched access to the executives you need but can’t find. We’ll assist with whatever it takes for your distinct corporate culture to evolve into the fair society you desire.

Numerous businesses have set up effective DE&I education and training programs. Even while it’s crucial, training alone is insufficient.

You must find, entice, and keep diverse leaders. Leaders who’ll enrich your organisations’ cultures and hasten the transition to a better future. A more conscious culture is one thing. But true diversity is when employees can look across the organisation and see other people similar to them.


Jefferson Locke is a people centric executive search and leadership development practice that places multi-talented disrupters that transform businesses and equips them to succeed.


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