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So, are you looking for your next step on the career ladder? As well as searching for opportunities yourself why not improve your overall profile and get yourself out there, making recruiters come to you!

So what can you do to hit the radar of those recruiters? Well we have devised some top tips on how best to go about it.

Get yourself online, but beware of your presence

Create and make sure your linked in profile is up to date, getting active on groups and events. Many recruiters use this as a key tool in their search and selection process. Start following those recruiters relevant to your industry and add value to them by doing some retweeting of their tweets. Make sure you remember to manage your professional persona on social networking sites that are visible to all, keeping it clean and interesting.

Be seen and heard

Make an effort to be visible and social. Go to forums, lunchtime seminars or conferences in your industry where you can simply chat to other people. Many recruiters will scan attendance lists at events so get yours on there as much as you can!


Give out your business card as much as possible. Even if people don’t remember your name they will more than likely keep you in their bag, wallet or in their drawer and you may just spring to mind for the right opportunity. As well as giving, collect others cards. A recruiter may call you for a role that, perhaps, you’re not interested in but you could always provide someone else’s name! That way you make a future ally of someone professionally useful in the long run.

Show versatility

Often recruiters will target people who are well rounded in their career. They will be looking for professionals who have developed themselves and contributed to their industry. So perhaps you could start a blog on something that interests you in your industry or volunteer your skills and expertise.

Meet up

Perhaps the role they have mentioned doesn’t sound quite right for you…. That doesn’t matter if they have suggested meeting for a coffee we would still recommend going. You can gain useful information about salaries and the goings on in your industry and will stay on the radar for any other likely roles. By putting a face to a name the recruiter is much more likely to remember your name for future prospects which may be just up your street.

Obviously this doesn’t mean you won’t need to do any work in finding your next role, but it will certainly help! So, what are you waiting for? Start or continue building up your presence in your industry and get yourself found for that next ideal role!

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